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Janet Varela Colletto

Practical Psychotherapy Services
for all of us

     Life isn't always neat and tidy, things can get messy and out of control.  We can feel alone at times like these.  My life journey has also been messy, I have navigated out of these challenges and I want to help you.  I too have seen a lot of life and too often some of this life isn't what we planned or wanted.  We can look at these things and find ways to help you feel more in control.  My goal as a counselor is to understand your wants and needs and help you find pathways to achieve these goals without compromising your genuine self.

     Many of these messy moments are associated with life transitions.  These changes can trigger anxiety, depression or other feelings.  Often transitions can challenge our existing belief systems, which in turn, causes confusion and feelings of distress. Having someone who can truly listen and understand these challenges often helps us find our way to a more satisfying life.  Sorting through the clutter of our lives and zeroing in on our true selves can help us optimize our happiness and contentment.  Living a life in which we thrive not merely survive.  My approach is simple and direct.  I offer analysis, psychotherapy and talk therapy.  We start wherever you feel comfortable, using data tested techniques and tools.


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"I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become​ "

Carl Jung

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Customized Therapy

    I provide a no pressure, safe environment so you can be yourself   without judgement. We will work together to customize your therapy experience to gain the value you are seeking. Some people want to work on a specific issue that is blocking their way, while others want to look deeper into their life experience.  Every client’s therapy goals are different. We can work on situational problems as well as past issues.

Janet Varela Colletto, culturally appropriate therapist

All About Therapy

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Personalized Care and Guidance

Some therapy styles may seem hard to understand or require an investment in ideas and concepts we don't understand.  My approach focuses on you.  We work from your interest and concerns. We start at your comfort level without pressure.

Individual Therapy

My process is to look at your challenges through your viewpoint. We progress at your pace and we talk about the things that you prioritize. I want to understand your challenges and support you in your journey toward a more satisfying life. I want to help with your daily issues so you can thrive and be who you truly are without the burden of negative feeling.

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Executive Coaching and Career Counseling 

As we progress in our careers we often need feedback from a trusted person.  Unlike mentoring, coaching comes from a perspective of your viewpoint and position.  I have over a decade of executive experience, I can help you match your moods, abilities and desired to match up to the career outcome. Coaching combined with therapy helps the client live a more satisfying work life as well as personal life.

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Couples Therapy

At times in our relationships with our partner(s) can be difficult. Learning new ways to communicate, sorting through emotional clutter can seem overwhelming.  Couples therapy can shed light on issues and restore intimacy. Pathways forward can be revealed and healing can be realized.

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Group Therapy - Currently forming a Goddess Women's Group

Sometime when we are working on processing and making sense of our daily life we can benefit from the input from our peers.  Group counseling can play an important role in this work.  The research shows that long term group therapy can be as effective as individual therapy for feelings of depression.  A group therapy experience can support the client in a way that some people prefer over individual work.

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About Me

I'm a garden variety psychotherapist seeking and teaching wholeness as we all navigate our life journey.  I enjoy sharing and learning about wellness and selfcare.  I define myself as an explorer seeking a more satisfying and fulfilling life experience.  I enjoy sharing my discoveries and understanding with others; as well as listening and learning.  I feel like we are all connected and if we listen we will gain understanding and if we share we will learn.  Being open to new ideas and new ways of expressing ourselves helps us live a life closer to our own genuine self.  Helping others find their unique pathway is my focus, we all are different and have had different journeys to our current life, this is why everyone's pathway is unique.  I've come to counseling to help others gain a clearer understanding of their own passage into a fuller life.  A life where we get our needs met while being kind to each other.  A life without a barrage of negative feelings that keep us from our true self.  

 Janet Varela Colletto LPC
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I typically return calls and inquires within 24hrs 

2060 North Loop West, #205

Houston, TX  77018

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