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All about me

Life is a journey


I am an older therapist but this is not my first career.  I was raised by immigrant parents here inTexas,  From my own life experience I have gathered knowledge and coping skills from real world experience,  I have had many experiences that uniquely qualify me to help people reach their life goals.  I was a single mother for many years.  Worked for over a decade in Bioscience laboratories with a few product successes.  I then went into the business world where I worked for 2 different Fortune 500 companies.  I later ran my own firm for a few years.  

My early experiences were faced with challenges and I struggled on every front to try and keep myself together.  I coped in both healthy and more often unhealthy ways.  I struggled with weight, alcohol use and a variety of combinations just to get by.  I managed to find a therapist that truly listened, cared and helped.  I worked on achieving my licensure to help others the way my therapist helped me when I needed it the most.  I bring real-world experience to this role.  I use evidence-based methods and I understand that every client is different.  I am here to help you reach all your goals.  

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